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The Forgotten Seamstress | Patchwork Tea Sandwiches

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Turn your Peeps into bunny ballerinas

Source: – by Michelle Clausen

An All-Edible Marshmallow Craft

It’s spring so that means marshmallow Peeps are in stores. Use them to make a fun edible ballerina treat as a party favor or topper for your favorite cake or cupcakes.

Ballerina Peeps treats |

If you walk into any retail store this spring, you are bound to see marshmallow Peeps bunnies and chicks in every color of the rainbow. People usually have a specific reaction to Peeps. They either love them or hate them. But these Peeps, dressed up as little ballerinas, are sure to put a smile on even the biggest hater’s face.

 Ballerina Peeps treats

You’ll need some Peeps bunnies and a lot of candies that you may already have around the house.

 Ballerina Peeps treats

Candy corn attached with melted white chocolate or vanilla candy wafers makes the “tutu.” More candy melt, pearl sugar balls, candy coated sunflower seeds and other assorted sprinkles are used for the rest of the detail.

 Ballerina Peeps treats

The ballerina “legs” are more candy corn with candy coated sunflower seeds as the ballerina “feet.”

To let the ballerinas stand, attach them to a square pretzel base with more melted candy. Don’t forget a cute little hair piece and little heart mouth to finish them up.

 Ballerina Peeps treats

Once the melted candy hardens, the ballerinas can stand at attention ready for their next performance. Perfect for a ballerina party or as a cute party favor.

 Ballerina Peeps treats

Ballerina Peeps treats

Serves 8


  • 8 Peeps bunnies
  • 1 cup melted white chocolate or vanilla candy wafers
  • 8 square pretzels
  • Candy corn
  • Multicolor candy coated sunflower seeds
  • Pearl sugar ball sprinkles
  • Assorted color ball sprinkles
  • Heart-shaped sprinkles


  1. Cut each candy corn into halves.
  2. Melt white chocolate/candy wafers in a zip-closed bag. Snip an end of bag and “pipe” the top of a ballerina tutu onto each Peeps bunny.
  3. On the bottom of the tutu, attach 6-7 candy corn halves with melted candy for the “tutu.”
  4. Add pearl sugar ball sprinkles as part of the tutu skirt (you can really use your imagination and use what ever sprinkle decorations you prefer).
  5. Cut off part of the bottom of a Peeps bunny and attach 1 full candy corn with melted candy as the “legs” and let harden.
  6. Attach the ballerina to the square pretzel with more melted candy (you may need to hold until candy hardens or lean it against something until set).
  7. Add 2 candy coated sunflower seeds as the ballerina “feet.”
  8. Add a small heart sprinkle as the mouth.
  9. Add a hair decoration (more melted candy with small colorful sprinkles and pearl sugar balls).




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How-To: Custom Valentine’s Day Tea Bags

Photo: How-To: Custom Valentine’s Day Tea Bags #craft #DIYHere is a last minute Valentine gift that will impress your tea drinkers a “Custom Valentine’s Day Tea Bags”.  Alex of “North Story” is a coffee girl through and through. She drinks tea when she is sick or maybe we all know Green tea is one of those things that we know is good for us so Alex will drink it but she is still dreaming of a vanilla latte the whole time.  She has many friends that drink tea like her daughter’s teacher and her husband’s Grandmother; so we get this lovely project because of them.  She has an amazing tutorial, supply list and pictures enjoy! I love it Alex and I too am a coffee drinker.  Thanks for the great idea.

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Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber “Flower” Bites

Source: – Shannon Madigan 

Madigan made…  a light and fresh summer appetizer.

The past two days I shared with you some ideas to decorate your patio table or summer BBQ serving area. (DIY no-sew placemats and a painted cutlery caddy)

Today I wanted to share with you a summer idea for your belly!
Need a new appetizer idea for a patriotic party this weekend?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for a recipe in the summertime, I like cool, light and fresh bites.

Nothing says ‘fresh’ to me more than lemon, cucumber or mint.

I actually made these little cucumber bites to bring for Easter Sunday dinner… but I think they’d be perfect this time of year to make for a party or BBQ.

For those of you that garden, consider using up some of the cucumbers or mint you are growing for this recipe. If you remember I kind of have a black thumb and minimal success growing veggies. I do have some mint in pots that are doing OK, so I might grab some of that to make this appy again.

I used my mandoline to thinly slice the radishes and a flower cookie cutter to make a fun shape with the cucumber. I think it adds a little whimsy!

These taste best served right away, but I made them right before we went out that Sunday to dinner. After a 20 minute drive, they still tasted great!

Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber Bites

Inspired by
1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp lemon zest

2 tbsp chopped pecans (optional)

2 tbsp mint, thinly sliced

2 tsp chopped chives

4 ounces, softened cream cheese

1/8 tsp salt

1 seedless cucumber, medium sliced into 32 rounds

3-4 medium radishes, sliced thinly into 32 rounds

kosher salt

Mix  Combine the first seven ingredients together in a large bowl.

Cut  Use a decorative cookie cutter (i.e. a flower) to cut the cucumber into shapes.

Assemble Layer the cucumber, then the radish slice on top of each other. Then top with about 1/2 tsp of cheese mixture.

Serve  Serve right away and enjoy!

P.S. If you like herbs and radishes…. I bet you’d love the radish and herbed butter crostinis that I shared last summer.

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Elegant Tea Party | Also Called the Afternoon Tea


The Chinese are credited with discovering tea as a beverage some 4,000 years ago. When tea began to gain a British following in the 17th century, it was served mostly in coffeehouses that already existed, admitting only men. As a result, women of the family adopted tea on their own ground. Tea drinking became much more of an “at-home” activity, and afternoon tea, as we now know it, came into being.

At that time, the day’s three meals were a heavy breakfast, a light lunch and a large dinner around eight or none o’clock. Women soon realized that they were feeling hungry and faint around five o’clock and started serving tea with assorted sandwiches and small cakes, thus creating the afternoon tea. It is not to be confused, however, with the high tea. High tea was served around the same time in working class homes. The high tea was a hearty meal consisting of cold meats, cheeses and bread, eaten when the men came home from the factories or field.


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Hosting a Tea Party


Host a tea party relax and enjoy family and friends anytime by having a ladies tea party.

Intimate tea for two: possibly after antique shopping, sit in the garden or by the fireplace, bowl of fresh flowers on the table, fluffy scones, pots of jam and sweet country whipped cream.

The solitary tea: try it, and treat yourself as elegantly as you would guests. In the late afternoon, stop whatever you’re doing and steal half an hour for yourself. Brew a fragrant pot of tea – do not dunk a teabag – and arrange some light sandwiches and a cookie or a small cake on a pretty plate. Carry your tray to a favorite place – a window seat, a sofa before the fireplace, perhaps a secluded corner of the garden. Take the opportunity to catch up on letter writing, cuddle your cat or simply reflect on the day. After a few sips of tea, the world will seem a calmer place.

The unplanned afternoon tea: if a friend drops by unexpectedly, the beauty of tea is that you can rustle up the food quite easily from ingredients you probably keep on hand in your kitchen. A batch of scones, for example, take only about 15 minutes to make from scratch. Eat them at the table while they are fresh and warm from the oven.

Arranged tea party: unlike the impromptu teas described above, this tea party should be planned. Start making the arrangements and sending invitations several weeks in advance of the date. Give a definite time – 4:00 p.m., just as you would for a cocktail party.

Bridal or baby shower tea party: be the first on your block to have one.

Your child’s birthday tea party: revive weary parents by serving tea in another room away from the noisy kids.



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