High Tea in Phoenix

High Tea in Phoenix.


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Magazine Bead Bracelet

 Source: http://spoonful.com

magazine-bracelet-craftTotal Time afternoon or evening Ages tween

Recycle old catalogs and magazines into stretchy, swanky bracelets that cost next to nothing to make.

What you’ll need



Old catalogs and magazines

Wooden skewers

Glue stick

Mod Podge Sparkle


6 feet of clear elastic cord

How to make it

  1. Cut out a cardboard triangle with a 1-inch base that is 6 inches high. Use it as a template to cut 30 to 35 triangles from colorful magazine and catalog pages.
  2. To make a bead, tightly roll one triangle (base to point) around a skewer, then glue down its tip. Leave the bead on the skewer and roll the next one beside it. When the skewer is full and the beads are dry, slide them off of the stick. Brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge Sparkle and let the beads dry.
  3. To assemble the bracelet, thread one bead onto the center of the cord. Add the next bead, as shown, threading one end of the elastic through each end of the bead. Pull the elastic tight. Continue adding beads in this way, tightening and straightening them as you go, until the bracelet is long enough to stretch around your child’s wrist. Feed the remaining lengths of elastic back through the first bead, then knot them multiple times and trim.

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Curly Girl

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Belle’s Valentine Bookmarks

Source: www. spoonful.com – Cindy Littlefield

rose bookmarksTotal Time 30 minutes or less

Ages school-age

Inspired by the movie Beauty & the Beast: A princess who likes to read as much as Belle does can always use a little help holding her place. With long pipe cleaner stems that tuck neatly between the pages, these bookmark roses will do the trick. But more than that, they’ll let the recipients know how much you hold them dear — each of the petals is a pretty paper heart.

What you’ll need
Heart template
Scrapbook paper
Glue dots
Green pipe cleaners

How to make it

1. Print out the template and cut out the pieces.

2. For each rose, cut out four hearts from scrapbook paper.

3. Turn one of the hearts upside down to resemble one of the center petals of a rose bud, and use a glue dot to stick the top of a pipe cleaner stem in place, as shown. Place a second heart on top of the first, matching up all the edges and pressing down firmly to adhere it to the glue dot. Use your fingertips to curl the tips of the hearts.

rose bookmark 1

4. Fold each of the remaining two hearts in half vertically. Fold back the rounded sides of the hearts, as shown, and then fold down the tips.

rose bookmark 3

5. Sandwich the sides of the center petals between the folded hearts, using glue dots to hold them in place.

rose bookmark 3

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New Year’s Eve kids Bubbly Jell-O® Parfait

Source: spoonful.com

Bubbly Jello ParfaitsGrab a spoon and toast the New Year with a cool, sparkly dessert that wiggles.

1. Make bubbly Jell-O® according to the directions on a box of Sparkling White Grape Jell-O®. Be sure to use club soda, seltzer, or ginger ale and follow the tips on the box for getting the gelatin to sparkle.

2. Chill the Jell-O® in champagne flutes or parfait glasses. We suggest making these the day of the party, since they might lose some bubbliness if they’re made further ahead. Wind a metallic multicolored star garland (available at party stores) up the stem of the glass for pizzazz.

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Sunny Sleevez

cup of tea

The secret to warming up, getting your antioxidants and reviving dry winter skin can be as easy as putting the kettle on.  This low cost, delicious  miracle in a mug is of course tea!

Being English my kettle rarely get a chance to cool between brews. It’s great to know that 2 of my favorite beverages also promote a variety of health benefits.

  • Green tea is made from leaves which are not fermented and therefore, have the highest level of polyphenols (also known as flavonoids), which are chemical compounds that act as a defense mechanism against harmful environmental conditions. They can help to clear cell damage on the skin, reduce inflammation,  protect against free radicals and keep your skin looking smooth and youthful. For extra beautification apply green tea directly to the skin.
  • Black tea is made from the same leaves as green tea. It contains ten times more antioxidants…

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Whole Wheat Bagel Wreath Pizza


Whole Wheat Bagel Wreath Pizza
Makes: 8  servings
Serving size: 1  bagel half
Yield: 8 bagel halves

Prep: 15 mins
Bake: 10 mins to 12 mins 450°F

  • 4 whole wheat bagels, split
  • 1/2 cup pizza sauce
  • 1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • 1 1/2 cups broccoli flowerets, steamed
  • 8 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 3 ounces roasted red sweet peppers

Make It

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil. Arrange the bagel halves, cut sides up, on prepared baking sheet. Spread each with 1 tablespoon pizza sauce. Top each with some of the cheese. Arrange broccoli and tomatoes on top of each to resemble a wreath.

2. Cut peppers into long thin strips and shape each into a ribbon. Place on each bagel half.

3. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until cheese melts and cheese browns lightly.

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