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The Forgotten Seamstress | Patchwork Tea Sandwiches

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Hosting a Tea Party


Host a tea party relax and enjoy family and friends anytime by having a ladies tea party.

Intimate tea for two: possibly after antique shopping, sit in the garden or by the fireplace, bowl of fresh flowers on the table, fluffy scones, pots of jam and sweet country whipped cream.

The solitary tea: try it, and treat yourself as elegantly as you would guests. In the late afternoon, stop whatever you’re doing and steal half an hour for yourself. Brew a fragrant pot of tea – do not dunk a teabag – and arrange some light sandwiches and a cookie or a small cake on a pretty plate. Carry your tray to a favorite place – a window seat, a sofa before the fireplace, perhaps a secluded corner of the garden. Take the opportunity to catch up on letter writing, cuddle your cat or simply reflect on the day. After a few sips of tea, the world will seem a calmer place.

The unplanned afternoon tea: if a friend drops by unexpectedly, the beauty of tea is that you can rustle up the food quite easily from ingredients you probably keep on hand in your kitchen. A batch of scones, for example, take only about 15 minutes to make from scratch. Eat them at the table while they are fresh and warm from the oven.

Arranged tea party: unlike the impromptu teas described above, this tea party should be planned. Start making the arrangements and sending invitations several weeks in advance of the date. Give a definite time – 4:00 p.m., just as you would for a cocktail party.

Bridal or baby shower tea party: be the first on your block to have one.

Your child’s birthday tea party: revive weary parents by serving tea in another room away from the noisy kids.

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Tea Party Tips and Etiquette


Tea Party tips and etiquette. Use your best china for a tea party. Teacups and saucers are preferable to heavy mugs. Invest in a small tea service (teapot, milk pitcher, sugar bowl, size teacups and saucers and six cake plates).

Use cloth napkins – cotton or linen at a tea party.

Present the food attractively at a tea party. Cover your tray or cart with a tray cloth, doilies or a pretty napkin. A single rose in a bud vase, or a basket of seasonal fruit adds warmth to the scene. Arrange food on a three tiered cake stand.

Atmosphere is important at a tea party. Instead of in the kitchen, serve tea by a crackling fire or in the garden. Decorate with fresh flowers and add the quiet, melodic background music of a harpist or pianist.

As hostess of a tea party, pour the tea, passing it to each guest in turn, adding sugar cubes if requested.

Your ladies might want to wear victorian hats and crocheted gloves at your tea party.

Give party favors at your tea party. Tea party favors vary and you can use your imagination and give according to your tea party theme.

Conversation should be light and fun-filled at a tea party, no gossip or deep subjects that can be disturbing to others. For some interesting topics to discuss at your tea party go to Today’s Woman.

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